San Pedro Water Filtration Plant

Grace Centre, in collaboration with the local church of San Pedro, has initiated a Clean Water Project for San Pedro because of lack of sanitary drinking water. Unpurified, the water in San Pedro is contaminated with E. Coli and other bacteria that cause severe illness in children and in the worst cases chronic malnutrition.  The water treatment plant will provide a viable source of clean water for the community, and help eliminate the devastating effects of impure water in bodies of young children and families of the area.

In 2011, Grace Centre assisted the local church, Our Lady of the Rosary, by building a water filtration system for the area residents of San Pedro Ayampuc. This project empowers the church to bring hope and healing to the poorest of the poor in this destitute area of Guatemala City, northeast of the city center.

The village was established as a survivors camp in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  What began as an bare land with no services, has grown to 45,000 residents.  The community still lacks basic municipal infrastructure, including sewer systems.The children of this area suffer from dysentery and other health problems due to contaminated water, and the water plant is bringing the sacred necessity of clean water to the population.

To get the plant built, Grace Centre collaborated with Aqua Quimica Guatemalteca, a company that provides purification solutions without damaging the environment.  Land was purchased and donated to the church, and construction of the water purification plant was a source of hope and healing to the residents of San Pedro, made possible by donor generosity.