San Pedro Clinic

Grace Centre projects like this clinic are a catalyst to improve the overall health of children and families in the surrounding community. That means each family can get and stay healthier faster and longer, students miss less school, parents work more and earn more. Those are just the dramatic beginnings of the change can occur with a clinic like this.

The dream of a brand new health clinic at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in San Pedro is now complete. In February 2011 construction began on the one-story clinic will provide more space for community members and healthcare providers. In partnership with medical NGO, Sangre de Cristo, who will staff and maintain the clinic we successfully completed fundraising and building the clinic. It features include a larger shaded waiting area, a pharmacy, a pre-consult room and two consultation rooms, public restroom, and laundry and storage facilities. Construction was done in such a way that a second floor may be added in the future.


Community members in San Pedro also pitched in to help with the construction project and completed the clinic foundation and walls before the start of the rainy season in May. A great deal of progress was made to accomplish that goal.

The clinic was dedicated in November 2011 . The Grace Centre board of the directors was actively involved in fundraising efforts to raise the remaining $12,000 needed to compete the clinic project.

We are so grateful for the support and donations to make this clinic possible. This clinic is making an important impact in the lives of the people of San Pedro.

Project Cost


Partner Organization

Sangre de Cristo

Since 1995, people in the La Labor, San Pedro Ayampuc region of Guatemala have had access to quality and dignified health care due to the efforts of the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project, which operates five medical clinics, complete with pharmacies, and two dental clinics, along with two medical laboratories. More than 90,000 people receive medical care annually in this region.

Their mission of service includes creating an integrated health care system in their communities they work in including a multi-faceted approach through educational, preventative, and curative components.

Sr. Dani Brought, ASC, serves as administrative director of Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project efforts in the region. Her decades of experience in Guatemala makes this funding effort for a new clinic a unique opportunity to deliver much needed care in an efficient and effective way where no alternative exists.

San Pedro Clinic