San Jose nutrition program & clinic

Chronic malnutrition is still a sad reality in 2010 for children who reside near the Mission of San Jose, Guatemala.

Malnutrition results in disease, infections, brain stunting, and in the most tragic cases, death. Eighty-five percent of Guatemalan children who die of malnutrition are five years of age or younger.  Our programs serve this vulnerable group who suffer the most from lack of food and clean water in Guatemala.

Through generous donor support, an all day Nutrition and Education Clinic at the MIssion Church of San Jose provides:

  • Nutritious meals and clean water
  • Preschool education program
  • Nutrition education for mothers

Preschool age children and their mothers are currently enrolled in our Nutrition and Education Clinic, and with your help we can extend services to others malnourished children in this all Mayan community.  Please give generously to help us staff our site.