San Jose Nacahuil Clinic & Pharmacy

In January 2010 Grace Centre opened it’s doors to provide the first health clinic and pharmacy to residents of
San Jose Nacahuil in collaboration with the Mission Church of San Jose.

Impact of the New Clinic

This vitally needed Grace Centre Clinic provides affordable medical care and access to medicines for the first time to members of this 100% Mayan village.  The only alternative for families of the area was an exhausting and expensive trip to the capital Guatemala City, where the cost of seeing a doctor is often not an option for the impoverished residents of San Jose.

The Grace Centre Clinic provides a doctor and nurse staff, and a pharmacy to provide affordable medication to the population.

The Clinic averages about 25-30 medicial clinic visits per day of operation. It also hold special programing days to help prevent and treat chronic malnutrition, performs minor surgeries, dental extractions, and diabetes screenings.


Project Financials


Total Project Cost


Clinic & Pharmacy Construction


COST: $22,500

2nd Floor Addition


COST: $12,000



Clinic Construction Fundraising Complete

Ongoing Operations

Grace Centre continues to fund the ongoing needs at the clinic and pharmacy, which provides the essential staff of a doctor and nursing staff. Grace Centre funds also help to subsidize the cost of medication to make it affordable for those in need.

Yearly Funding

2012 – $8,140
2011 – $13,580
2010 – $10,000

Partner organization

Mission church of San Jose

San Jose Nacahuil is a 100% Mayan Village in Guatemala. This unique and special community is situated in a mountainous area one hour northeast of the capital Guatemala City. Characteristic of other Mayan villages, eighty percent of the San Jose community lives below the poverty line and residents do not have access to adequate local health care or clean water. The church provides the only “social services” to the community.

San Jose Nacahuil