La Laguneta Clinic

We are currently partnering with Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project to raise funds for the construction of the La Laguneta Clinic. Through the generous support of donors and friends, young and old, Grace Centre has already made a significant difference in the health and well-being of residents of San Pedro Ayampuc and San Jose Nacahuil.

Impact of the New Clinic

A new clinic means more than just additional space and new equipment. A new clinic is a sign of commitment to the community of La Laguneta that the care and support they need are there to stay.

A new 1,727 square-foot medical clinic also includes expanded program areas, staff offices, and warehouse to create a combined 4,986 square-foot facility to carry out the mission of the Sangre De Cristo Health Care Project.

In 2011, 13,568 people were served in the medical clinic, laboratory and pharmacy. In the new expanded facility, along with the trends we have seen over this past year, we anticipate that these three areas will serve more than 17,000 people on an annual basis. In addition, this facility would provide support for the dental health education program, reaching more than 18,125 students each year along with the “healthy habits” program that includes 1,000 students from four public schools.

Clinic Construction Gallery

The first phase of the project is now complete! The clinic had its ribbon cutting ceremony on July 1st, 2015 and is now serving patients!

Project Details


A large airy waiting room welcomes patients to the clinic, which also has a restroom. The waiting area opens up to a hallway providing access to the different areas of clinic. A nurse’s room is where patients will have first contact with services. This room will be large enough for initial exam space and can also accommodate patient files. Across the hall is the pharmacy. There are two private consultation rooms for doctors. Next to the pharmacy is the medical lab. Finally, in the rear of the building, there are cleaning and maintenance areas, as well as a connecting stairway to the warehouse and program center.


The four offices will make room for the health care project staff including the health and hygiene program, dental health program, and project administrative staff. This level will have an open air corridor lead- ing to storage space for closed files from the five clinic sites and two bathrooms; additional space will be used for a lunchroom with a kitchenette and a meeting room for small group gatherings.


Two central warehouses; one will be used for centralized storage and distribution of medical equipment and supplies, general materials, and office and cleaning supplies to the five clinics. Additionally, an area will be designated for the dental health education materials as well. The other area will be the medication warehouse, providing centralized medicine reception, storage and distribution to the five pharmacies. A small office will be available for the warehouse coordinator. A ramp will also be included for deliveries.

Project Financials


Total Project Cost

Clinic Construction

  • Land preparation
  • Retaining & security walls
  • Entrance gates
  • Construction of the clinic

COST: $116,000 RAISED!


  • Warehouse & distribution center construction
  • Office building construction
  • Access ramp and parking
  • Landscaping

COST: $124,000

Future Plans:
The Office and Warehouse phase have been planned for future expansion when needed.

Partner organization

Sangre de Cristo

Since 1995, people in the La Labor, San Pedro Ayampuc region of Guatemala have had access to quality and dignified health care due to the efforts of the Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project, which operates five medical clinics, complete with pharmacies, and two dental clinics, along with two medical laboratories. More than 90,000 people receive medical care annually in this region.

Their mission of service includes creating an integrated health care system in their communities they work in including a multi-faceted approach through educational, preventative, and curative components.

Sr. Dani Brought, ASC, serves as administrative director of Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project efforts in the region. Her decades of experience in Guatemala makes this funding effort for a new clinic a unique opportunity to deliver much needed care in an efficient and effective way where no alternative exists.

La Laguneta