Chronic malnutrition results in disease, infections, brain stunting, and in the most tragic cases, death. Eighty-five percent of Guatemalan children who die of malnutrition are five years of age or younger. Our programs serve this vulnerable group who suffer the most from lack of food and clean water.

The reasons for chronic malnutrition in Guatemala are based on several factors:  income inequality, increased price of food like beans and eggs, which are the only sources of protein for villagers; poor or in some cases non-existent infrastructure, meaning no electricity or running water and certainly no clean water: so diarrhea is a major factor.   Dirty water and nearly non-existent sanitation ensure that disease and malnutrition remain a threat to children.  A sustainable life cannot be created if your brain and body are stunted or diseased from malnutrition or lack of adequate health care.

The society was badly damaged by the 36 year old civil war that wiped out an estimated 200,000 people, most of them civilians.  There are also 24 different indigenous groups each with their own language, many of whom speak only rudimentary Spanish.

Underlying this situation is poverty.  The malnutrition happens in places where the population lives on under $2 US a day, (Save the Children).  The rates of malnutrition are twice as bad for the indigenous population as they are non-indigenous.  Intra-uterine malnutrition is where the problem starts.

The Church can provide vitally needed social services through  our collaboration to bring sanitary water and adequate health care to precious children of Guatemala and their families.

The Indigenous parts of the country are so much poorer and isolated. Therefore, in solidarity with The Mission Church of San Jose in an all Mayan village of San Jose Nacahuil we continue a “MINISTRY OF PRESENCE” to the poorest of the poor to bring hope and healing.